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Starting his career as a Registered Nurse, Steve has 13 years experience across a diverse range of General and Specialty Nursing settings, including Research, Education and senior Consulting roles. This foundational experience in healthcare laid the groundwork for his subsequent ventures…


… In 2009, Steve embarked on a new path by launching his first Personal Training business. His venture grew to encompass both private studio-based training and group outdoor fitness programs. 


Throughout his career in Personal Training, Steve has personally conducted approximately 13,000 sessions, honing his skills as an adept and knowledgeable PT…


… In 2014, Steve shifted his focus to Health Analysis and Coaching, leveraging his in-depth understanding of human anatomy and physiology, effective communication skills, and a steadfast belief in the philosophy of ‘prevention over cure.’


As the Owner and Head Coach at Get Scanned, he brings these qualities to the forefront, offering unparalleled expertise in body composition analysis and metabolic assessments. 


His experience in conducting tens of thousands of these sessions positions him as a leading figure in the field…


… Passionate about improving awareness of healthy body composition, metabolic health, and their impact on overall quality of life, Steve applies the use of Medical-Grade technology to support his coaching with objective and accurate data, and services the Fitness and Sporting Industry, Corporate Health settings, Medical and Allied Health fields, and the general public.

For those seeking to improve their health and wellness, Steve is an invaluable resource. He invites you to connect and arrange a consultation to embark on your journey toward better health.


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