Preparing for InBody

We care about reliable and consistent results!

PREPARATION: Follow this pre-test protocol to ensure you're getting the most accurate measurements each time

Photo of happy clients standing outside the Scan-Van with Steve Burden in the foreground


  • DON’T eat or exercise (and minimise fluid intake) in the 2-3 hours before your scan.
  • DON’T have hot showers, saunas or ice baths immediately before your scan.


  • MINIMISE alcohol or unusual caffeine intake for at least 24 hours.
  • MINIMISE use of lotion or ointment on your hands and feet that won’t easily wipe off.



  • DO maintain your normal fluid intake the day before.
  • DO use the restroom before your scan.
  • DO wear minimal, comfortable clothing to your appointment. Avoid wearing heavy accessories like jewellery, watches, and jackets while on scanner. Feet must be bare (no socks or stockings).

What to expect at your appointment: How is an
InBody test performed?

InBody Measures your BODY COMPOSITION

Get Scanned uses the InBody 770 Bioelectrical Impedance Analyser – a rare, truly Medical Grade scanner that is considered a gold-standard, practical method for measuring body composition.

InBody is scientifically validated for measuring structure and the data gleaned can assist in designing programs and lifestyles to correct and improve constitutional health.

You will begin the test by removing your shoes and socks, and excess clothing. We recommend that you wear light-weight comfortable clothing such as what you might exercise in, as our scanner is set up to assume a 300g clothing weight and subtract that from the measured scale weight. If it’s your first scan, we will initially measure your height and then ask you to stand on the scanner. Once weighed, you’ll enter your mobile phone number as the scanner ID, and then fill in other details such as the height, age and biological gender that you wish to compare your measured data to. The scan will then be completed in approximately 60 seconds. 

Following your scan, we will provide a detailed interpretation and education session to help you set realistic, smarter goals, ensure you understand your data, and how to apply it to your lifestyle, training and nutrition protocols.