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Melbourne's Premium Body Composition Analysis & Education Service

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Fixed & Mobile InBody 770 Scans

Is Your Diet & Exercise Program Working for YOU?

It's never been this easy to measure and monitor the composition of your body...

We believe the KEY to unlocking your full potential starts with an understanding of where you're at right now!

Let us show you that it's not WHAT YOU WEIGH that's important…
…it's HOW YOU WEIGH, WHAT YOU WEIGH that actually matters!

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Steve Burden is the Founder & Head Analyst at Fitness Key

With combined experience exceeding 20 years, between the Health Care and Fitness industries, Steve provides clients with the education and understanding you need to…


Research-Grade Analysis

By utilising our Research-Grade Medically Approved InBody 770 Composition Analyser,
we accurately measure and track the health of thousands of Victorians. We've been doing this since 2014 and have already helped many thousands of customers.
Join the growing list of happy Fitness Key customers today!

Fitness Key isn't just another 'body scanning' service...

… We are an EDUCATION and COACHING service, providing the intelligent Interpretation and advice needed for you to succeed in your pursuit of better health through fitness, body recomposition and nutrition.

Our accurate, non-invasive Body Composition Analysis effectively replaces:

- Confusing weight scales
- Inconsistent tape measures
- Uncomfortable and invasive fat-pinch tests (calliper estimations)
- Misleading and irrelevant BMI calculations

… and other similarly subjective and approximate methods.

We do this in just a few minutes, then provide you with an incredibly detailed and informative set of objective data, on which you can base your approach to training, nutrition and lifestyle.

Our service allows you to set realistic goals and to monitor your achievements precisely and consistently.