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Medical Grade InBody Scans & Metabolic Tests

Measure and Monitor your Structural & Metabolic Health, using our TWO exceptional services!


Medical Grade Body Composition Analysis (InBody 770)

Gold Standard Mobile Metabolic Profiling (Indirect Calorimetry)

WHO we do it for

Sectors We Service

Medical & Allied Health

Supporting Doctors, Bariatric Surgeons, Medical Weight Loss Clinics, Dieticians, Nutritionists & other Allied Health Specialists

Corporate Health Programs

Fostering Healthy & Productive Personnel. A Novel & Engaging Approach to Corporate Health Events and Conferences.

Health & Fitness Industry

Servicing all Facility Types, Martial Arts Centres, Outdoor Bootcamps, Fitness & Running Groups, Sporting Teams, etc.

WHERE we do it

Locations We Service

We Offer TRULY Mobile Health Assessments

VISIT US at one of MANY CLINICS around the City & State, OR request our MOBILE ‘Scan-Van’ to visit your location… WE COME TO YOU!


Greater Melbourne Region:

- North East

- Inner, Inner South, Inner East

- Outer East, South East

- North West, West


Warrnambool & South West Region:

- Warrnambool

- Hamilton

- Portland


East Gipsland Region:

- Bairnsdale

- (Lakes Entrance)


East Gipsland Region:

- Trafalgar

- (Warrigul, Traralgon, Sale)


Mornington Peninsula Region:

- Hastings

- (Mornington, Frankston)


Greater Geelong Region:

- Drysdale

- (Geelong)


Campaspe Region:

- Shepparton

- (Seymour)


Campaspe Region:

- Echuca / Moama

- Cohuna


Convenient Availability All Over Greater Melbourne and Regional Victoria

WHY we do it

(and WHY you should chose Get Scanned)

Our Mission

At the heart of Get Scanned, our mission transcends the mere use of technology for health assessments; in fact, it’s deeply rooted in a genuine desire to fill a void within the industries we serve. Specifically, there’s a prevalent use of subpar scanning technology across gyms, medical, nutrition, and corporate settings, along with a dire lack of meaningful dialogue around the results. This significant observation wasn’t just a realization; instead, it became Get Scanned’s motivation.


Bridging the Gap

Our journey began with a question: How, can we bridge the gap between advanced medical technology and everyday wellness? The answer was clear — by harnessing the power of research-grade medical technology, not only to provide precise measurements of body composition and resting metabolic profiles, but also to go a step further; to deliver a depth of interpretation that transforms numbers on a screen into actionable, life-changing insights.


A Scanning Service, but MORE

Get Scanned isn’t just another scanning service; rather, it’s a revolutionary approach to understanding your health. Unlike our competitors, who most often rely on less advanced, less accurate ‘Consumer-Grade’ scanners, we pride ourselves on the precision and reliability of our Medical-Grade technology. Furthermore, while we bring objectively accurate data to you, what truly sets us apart is our commitment to our clients understanding of the data. We ensure this by making every session an educational journey where we dive deep into your structural and metabolic health, exploring how they interlink with your lifestyle, training, and nutrition.


Thorough Education, Thoroughly Mobile

Choosing Get Scanned means opting for clarity over confusion, and for precision over guesswork. Moreover, it means being seen by a professional who not only utilizes superior technology but also possesses the expertise to interpret your data accurately, contextually, and with empathy. Additionally, our mobile clinic initiative further highlights our dedication to convenience and accessibility, ensuring that the highest standard of health coaching is brought directly to your doorstep, almost anywhere in Greater Melbourne or Regional Victoria.

The Get Scanned Difference

In a nutshell, Get Scanned embodies a commitment to transformative health insight, delivered through a lens of genuine care and professional excellence. Our motivation is simple yet profound: to empower you with knowledge and insights that pave the way for a healthier, more informed lifestyle. Ultimately, that’s the Get Scanned difference.


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