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Our Mission is to effect positive change in the communities we service, through education, motivation and the application of objective assessments to health coaching. We firmly believe that health-care starts with prevention through better general health.

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Our first blog! Introducing Fitness Key's Blog!

Welcome to our Blog! The purpose of this blog is to update and educate our clients and followers on Body Composition Analysis and the associated coaching service we deliver with our scans.

During our consultations, we're obviously asked lots of questions - and often asked the same questions fairly consistently... this blog will serve as a repository for the written answers to many of these questions, so that hopefully the education we give to some, can benefit the many!

Please feel very free to 'Request-a-Blog' here, if you have any questions regarding the composition of the human body and the impact variations in composition may have on general health. We look forward to helping you in the understanding of your health, and in the pursuit of improving it!

There's plenty of information already on our main website too - please visit :) We hope you enjoy our blog!