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Our Mission is to effect positive change in the communities we service, through education, motivation and the application of objective assessments to health coaching. We firmly believe that health-care starts with prevention through better general health.

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Why measuring your Body Fat Percentage DOESN'T tell you how fat you are!

Many of our clients come to us for Body Composition Analysis, with one question in mind... "What's my Percentage of Body Fat?" - I actually have fairly regular requests where the client asks me specifically how much it costs for me to ONLY tell them their PBF! Of course, I refuse to do this because Fitness Key is a COACHING service, not a 'scanning service' that is willing to send their clients away more confused than they arrived! Ok - Off my high-horse now... let me explain WHY this single metric, when viewed separately to the collection of information that actually creates it, can be very misleading…

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